Samtaş About Us

We have added suspended ceiling systems, steel and iron manufacturing, exterior and fine workmanship issues in addition to our activities in the construction and building sector, which we started in 1981 with rough construction and contracting services in Bodrum and Didim; thus, we move on by establishing Samtaş Architecture Construction in the manner of institutionalization.

Our priority is always to proceed in line with customer demands and satisfaction and establish a happy portrait with our professional team.  We believe that our difference will be to produce higher quality and new systems using our experience.

Our goal is to evaluate staff satisfaction with the power we receive from our employees and to develop a system that is sensitive to employees and thus, to add new ones to our achievements by evaluating customer satisfaction and improving at negative points. Our adventure journey continues on the Continents of Asia and Africa, especially in Turkey.


Our Vision

In the areas where we operate, no matter where and under any circumstances, it is aimed at completing all our works at the same high quality by giving the best performance. Together with our employees, we always aim for better and more excellent by deeming each work as a new beginning as well as by conducting re-examinations, studies and evaluations.

Our company has established its working policy on solid basis with regard to produce original designs for our employers, to follow up all kinds of innovation in the world and to develop application projects for our employers, to always use knowledge and experience so as to produce better by integrating its corporate structure with continuous development, to always keep customer satisfaction at the highest level and make a difference as well as it has established its works on solid basis with regard to give and add value to development and creative thinking.

Our Targets

We aim at providing the best service to customers without compromising product and service quality;

Becoming a pioneer and leader in the industry by using its productive and innovative point of view that provides added value to projects it has accomplished;

Becoming the “Solution Partner” of our customers with quality service and competitive prices thanks to its qualified and experienced staff

Our Values

Productivity; to provide the most appropriate solution and the highest efficiency by creating added value in the projects we have undertaken

Reliable; to become a reliable company that our customers can get support all the time

Innovation; to become an innovative company that can continuously improve itself with the experience it has gained from each work.