Baffle Suspended Ceiling

Aluminium baffle suspended ceiling panels are the metal panels hanging vertically in different sizes on the ceiling. Linear vertical design allows circulation of air in the attic, while providing the possibility to conceal the electrical and mechanical installations on the ceiling thanks to its different size and panel distances.

Panels mounted in one-way and floating manners in large field applications expand the perception of space in the areas where they are used. These are the metal suspended ceiling materials, which are frequently preferred to reduce ceiling height without narrowing the volume of the place where it is used.

Extrusion Circular Ceiling

 Extrusion Baffle has nice and concise lines. The material used in the production does not burn as well as it has moisture-resistant property against humidity.  Installation is quite simple. The ceiling is easy to see and is very suitable for changes to the building infrastructure. It is brought to a special shape and therefore easy to maintain. It does not produce harmful gas and substances, and it does not harm human health.

Baffle Ceiling Projects