The composite deck, which can be safely used as coating material in the exterior and interior, is a material that enables modern and contemporary living spaces to become possible.

Plastic derivatives and wood material are used in the structure. The composite deck, which has a perfect decorative appearance, is suitable for long periods of time without deformation. At the same time, having an anti-bacterial structure eliminates the formation of fungi, mould and parasites that breed on wooden floors. It has a water resistant structure. Thanks to its moisture-resistant structure, it eliminates disorders caused by seasonal conditions.

Composite deck coating which can be used in gardens and hiking trails, marinas and piers, beaches and porches, also decorates your interiors. It is preferred in bathrooms, saunas, hotels, cafes and restaurants. The composite deck, which protects the spaces from undesired substances such as fungi and mould, is easily applied.

Intended use of Composite Products:

  • Flooring
  • Facade
  • Pergola
  • Fence
  • Railing
  • Special Designs

Composite Deck Coating Projects