New building processes

Project works cover all construction processes of the completed projects namely rough construction, fine construction and indoors and outdoors in turnkey.

İnşaat Hizmetleri

Rough construction works

Rough construction is the construction of the building of which carrier reinforced concrete and filling walls have been constructed with materials such as bricks, iron, lime, cement, gravel and sand as well as of which installations are made. In other words, it is called construction that has not yet completed of interior plaster, its frames have not been installed, and lighting systems have not been installed and painting has not been made.

Rough construction is simply described as meaning that forty percent of the existing building has been completed. After the procedures are carried out for the construction of a building, the foundation excavation is carried out on the basis of the points determined by the map engineers.

After the foundation excavation, the base depth varies depending on the height of the projected storey of the building planned to be built. After filling the excavated foundation with the filling material, lean concrete is poured and the area where the foundation will be settled is flattened.

Fine construction works

After completing the construction of carrier systems in buildings, so-called mortared manufacturing with the other name, the repairs and refurbishments of wall, flooring, floor covering and cladding.  

Turnkey works

All procedures are completed in full and delivered to the buyer in this way. 
Following the supply in accordance with certified architecture, static, installation projects, construction license, technical building specification and the contract provisions as well as following the completion of infrastructure works and landscaping and the issuance of the work completion certificate by Building Audit Company; it refers to the application to the relevant Municipality for the receipt of the Occupancy Permit (settlement).

Renovation Processes

It is the name given to our living spaces in facade renewals that have lost their old function and operation as well as to provide new functions by intervening with professional teams and to make our living spaces more useful. It covers all turnkey processes starting from indoor and breaking process.

  • Painting works
  • Flooring
  • Partition wall – Suspended ceiling
  • Roof renovation
  • Exterior siding