Folding glass system has 8 mm of glass. Tempered and bedded glass is used.

There are options for smoke-coloured, bronze, green and blue as glass colour in accordance with the standards.

The m2 weight of the glass system is 35-40 kg.

The aluminium thickness used in the glass system is 5 mm thick. The biggest advantage of having excess wall thickness prevents the aluminium from buckling as well as from opening, and helps the screws driven to be fixed more robust. 

The upper and upper rail system is dual carriers in the glass system. 4 stainless double-carrier wheels are used in each glass.

The transparent seals used among the glasses in the folding system are rubber-based and last longer to the weather conditions.

Silicone used in insulation in folding system has anti-bacterial properties. It doesn’t cause smell or mould.

The folding system certainly does not expose to rain, water, and wind after it is completely finished in isolation.

Aluminium used in the system can be painted with any desired colour (RAL) with the application of electrostatic powder furnace paint.

Folding Glass Balcony Projects