Considering the fields of usage for Pergola Sunshade, systems used as canopies in the entrance or garden of buildings such as Terrace-Garden-Houses or Restaurants, Cafes are called pergola. If you are going to use pergola system at your home, when these systems are applied in your garden or in the entrance part of your home, protection is ensured against the burning effects of the excessive sun in summer and the cold effects of the snow in winter. We use recyclable products that will minimize the harmful effects of production to nature and continue to conduct testing in this regard.

Pergola sunshade system will protect you against the sun in summer as a sunshade and against the rain as a raincoat in rainy weather with its retractable hardtop and water-resistant character. If you wish, you can turn your pergola sunshade system around the glass balcony system and turn your sunshade system into a folding winter garden. Thus in winter, you can enjoy winter in your balcony in your garden as if you were in the open area under the pergola sunshade.

  • Resistant to winds up to 90 km/h per hour
  • Easy to assemble for construction systems and prefabricated houses.
  • Materials used in the surface create advanced PVC blocks.
  • It is resistant to all weather conditions and water-proof characteristic.
  • Stainless inox connection sheet metal screws and pins are used in fasteners.
  • You can use it comfortably with the remote control connected to the engine.