Considering the rockwool suspended ceiling, the rockwool suspended ceiling plate is formed by crushing basal stone into powder and combining it with different chemical materials and recycled waste materials. Rockwool suspended ceiling is a building material with significant use of heat and sound insulation, which can respond to excessive need with different components and compression ratios and another feature described as, it is a non-flammable building material.

Rockwool suspended ceiling plate has been mostly demanded by the consumer thanks to its ability to properly meet different expectations in respect of hygiene, acoustic, heat insulation, and fire and moisture resistance and to meet such expectations with unlimited surface options.

For acoustic and thermal insulation properties, we offer rockwool suspended ceiling tiles made from high density plates. The sheet also determines the power of ceiling tiles. We offer this range with a wide range of designs, textures and specifications. Tiles offered by us are used with maximum advantages in software offices, parks, schools and colleges, shopping malls, offices and other multiple areas. This special area is also suitable for movie theatres and multiplex complexes

Rockwool Suspended Ceiling Projects