Rolling Roof is a roof closure system where you can combine the folding and gathering movement that can be applied to any place.

Thanks to Rolling Roof special design panels, you can allow ventilation and shading at the same time with the folding movement. Even in the system folding position, you can ventilate your place without being affected by rain and snow thanks to special panels.

Thanks to Rolling Roof special design panels, you can easily clean the exterior of the panels from the inside without climbing up to the roof.

The Rolling Roof system doesn’t lose shading even when venting from the roof thanks to the folding movement of panels.

  • Each aluminium panel has a size of 23 cm.
  • Extra insulation can be made into the panels. It can be filled with polyurethane. But it increases the cost.
  • Unlike Pergola sunshade system, this system works on the rail, not under the rail.
  • If more than 4000 mm opening is required, it should be supported by steel construction. Otherwise, the system will have difficulty in operations and thus malfunction will occur, as each profile system will be loaded with more than 100 kg. For this, extra support is required from the bottom side.
  • The levers that allow the system to open and close are stainless levers. It does not oxidase or rust due to weather conditions.
  • Vertical rod bearing profiles are 120 mm x 120 mm.
  • It is opened at a 65-degree angle when opening. This is due to ensure that the garbage, dust and dirt accumulated on the ceiling do not fall down as they did during the opening.
  • Wicks and gaskets are the same as the Pergola system, but carriages on the rail are different.
  • It can also be done without inclination, but being a little inclined will be useful for the system to run more comfortably.
  • The electrostatic furnace is coloured with paint; application is made in every desired colour. The electrostatic furnace is long-lasting thanks to paint.
  • Rolling Roof is the best solution for venues such as Restaurant and Café, where the smoking ban is applied.

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