Stretch ceiling also called as barrisol ceiling is a kind of ceiling covering that gives an aesthetic and contemporary appearance in the field of architectural ceiling covering with material produced from a kind of polymer, that creates light and smooth surfaces as well as that pushes the boundaries of creativity and that is stretched and assembled accordingly. The most important difference of stretch ceiling systems from other ceiling systems (suspended ceiling, ceiling covering materials, etc.) is the application of them close to the ceiling. The independent ceiling is the system where the ceiling flooring of the structure is completely separated from each other by the carrier structure and the ceiling-plated structure.

The polymer coating material used for the stretch ceiling covering system is carried by special and light profiles, and the profiles are carried by the walls, so that ceilings can be obtained in the desired forms regardless of the ceiling. By ensuring a ceiling that can be mounted on the wall or on the ceiling and the one that remains fixed, it can carry lighting elements, alarm systems, ventilation ducts, etc. other fitting elements.

Stretch Suspended Ceiling Projects