Ceiling is a very effective component in the perception of a space, because when it is proportioned to all other surfaces of that space, it occupies large place. Using elements such as form, colour, light, etc., it is possible to design a ceiling suitable for every purpose. As for suspended ceiling system, expectations are more different.

Modular Suspended Ceiling Systems are preferred for the purpose of hiding all kinds of installations on the ceiling, mounting many components such as lighting fixtures and fire detectors, fulfilling acoustic conditions, providing unique interior conditions and of course eliminating aesthetic concerns.

Modular Suspended Ceiling Systems with its structure, which can be integrated with excellent acoustic and lighting systems, contribute to creating a better working ambient, resulting in more efficient work performance. It is inevitable that it will use a combination of special ceilings and partition wall systems to achieve a quality interior appearance. It also has advantages such as having many patterns and varieties.

  • Suitable for the application of interior architectural designs,
  • Visually contemporary, aesthetic and quality,
  • Applicable to any kinds of ceilings,
  • Properly covers the installations that need to be concealed,
  • Alternatives from various materials are available.