In the manufacturing of wooden suspended ceiling which also makes a difference in terms of decorative appearance; massive, natural and wooden coated MDF as well as laminate coated MDF panels are used. Due to the acoustic properties of wooden material, it is one of the first preferred materials in venues such as theatre, conference hall and intensive work areas.

Linear System Wooded Suspended Ceiling: Used for decoration and sound arrangement in all kinds of interior applications. In addition to its functional and aesthetic properties, it also offers the option of mounting wainscot.

Grill System Wooden Suspended Ceiling: Used to prevent sound echo. The most common uses are offices, shopping malls, sports and conference rooms. It offers very flexible usage and different design options with its special hanger system.

Panel Wooden Suspended Ceiling: Panel systems have a wide range of uses with sound reflective and absorbing features, wide selection of perforation options. The T-24 carrier has flat panel and T-24 hidden system and channel carrier systems, etc.

Open Cell Wooden Suspended Ceiling: It has been often preferred for entertainment and shopping malls, bus terminals and airports, summer terraces and restaurants. Easy assembly and flexible cell size options are available.

Wooden Suspended Ceiling Projects