Wood; it is a natural material with aesthetic, attractive and warm appearance in terms of colour and vision. It adds elegance and richness to its ambient. 

Aestheticism: To get rid of the cold appearance of the wall and create a warmer environment.

Health: The wall covering acts as insulation because it creates space on the wall with the grid underneath. Wooden wainscots are healthier in comparison to other wall coverings. Since wood is a material that takes and gives moisture, it maintains the moisture balance inside the rooms.

Acoustic: Wood has a high acoustic value. Therefore, halls requiring acoustic features are covered by wooden material.  

Psychological: Wainscot has effects on human spirit visually due to features causing on structures namely such as colour, pattern, size and shape.

Protection: Wainscot is made for the purpose of preventing housewares such as table, chair etc. from rubbing up against the walls and giving harm.

Adding value: Wall coatings increase the material value of the building.

Wooden Wall Coating Projects